Down in the Valley

The Storm King Art Center kicks off the start of summer with an outdoor fete.

Storm King Art Center

What: The Storm King Art Center’s fourth annual Summer Solstice celebration.

When: Saturday, June 20

Where: Cocktails and dinner at the sprawling sculpture park in New York’s idyllic Hudson Valley.

Who: Artists like Peter Coffin and the Starn brothers were joined by local philanthropists and chef Peter Hoffman, whose farm-to-table ethos felt truly at home in the Hudson Valley.

Why: Because Lynda Benglis’s current Storm King exhibition, “Water Sources,” is a must-see.

Photos: Down in the Valley

Storm King Art Center. Photo by

Peter Hoffman and Shelley Boris. Photo by

Storm King Art Center. Photo by

Doug Starn and Mike Starn. Photo by

Peter Coffin. Photo by

Storm King Art Center. Photo by