Sister Act

Beauty’s fabulous Streicher sisters.


One recent morning, Jenn, Kristie, and Ashley Streicher were stretched out on a couch in Jenn’s home in the Hollywood Hills, recalling a time long ago, before the sisters had become three of the hottest names in the beauty business.

“We all had stick-straight hair, and we wanted big, curly hair,” said Kristie, 35, the blondest of the three, describing how their mother would give them perms in their Grass Valley, California, home.

“Have you seen our high school pictures?” asked Jenn, 37, a Zooey Deschanel look-alike.

“They’re awful,” Kristie said woefully, looking to Ashley, 28, the baby of the family.

Jenn has made up the faces of clients like Emily Blunt and Claire Danes; Ashley has styled the locks of Jaime King and Elijah Wood; and Kristie recently opened her own brow station—­Kristie Streicher Beauty Bar—at the Warren-Tricomi salon in West Hollywood.

Jenn entered the business first, working at the Estée Lauder counter of a department store in Sacramento during college. Soon after, she moved to New York and wound up an assistant to Edward Tricomi. A few years later, Kristie followed her to the salon, and then came Ashley. In 2005 Jenn began the reverse migration to L.A., and again her little sisters followed suit. Though their schedules can be harried these days, the three insist on making time to style one another.

“We get Ashley to do our hair,” Jenn said. “Kristie does our brows.” And they’ve each learned to stick with what they know.

“I did cut Ashley’s hair once,” Kristie said.

“She cut my earlobe off,” Ashley added.

Photographed by Ture Lillegraven; hair by Ashley Streicher; makeup by Jenn and Kristie Streicher for Diorshow