Style Notes: Aimee Cho

Edited by Karla Martinez and Vanessa Lawrence A pregnant Cho Aimee Cho knows something about evolution. Take her fashion brand, Gryphon, for starters. Founded on the idea of providing modern and chic incarnations of the...


Edited by Karla Martinez and Vanessa Lawrence

Aimee Cho knows something about evolution. Take her fashion brand, Gryphon, for starters. Founded on the idea of providing modern and chic incarnations of the classic trench coat, the line now offers all manner of quirky basics, from boxy sequin tees to military-inspired toppers.

And Cho is experiencing some evolving of her own: pregnant with her first child, the designer has traded in oversized tops for more body-conscious silhouettes, while still staying true to her comfy, cool girl look. Here Cho discusses her love of flats, the importance of making mistakes and why she is enamored of her parents’ style.

Define your style in three words: Pregnancy—comfortable, body-conscious, monochromatic; Pre-pregnancy—comfortable, body-obscuring, sparkly.

Daily uniform: Pregnancy—a comfortable but fitted dress (in stretch silk or a heavy jersey), flats, yellow leather Hermes medor watch, multi-colored friendship bracelets, YSL Arty Oval ring. Pre-pregnancy—a voluminous romantic top or a boxy oversized boyish top with short shorts or baggy jeans, flats, an element of shine (sequins, metallic brocade, beading, piled on jewelry), sweats of some kind (sweatpants, sweatshirt, sweatshorts).

Greatest hits: My engagement ring which I wear in lieu of a wedding band even though I have been married for six years because I love it so much. The original Gryphon sequin tee-shirt from Spring 2009 worn extra boxy in a size medium. Havaianas Flash flip-flops that cross over the arch of the foot.

Preferred footwear: Flats! Givenchy jellies, Nike high tops, Chanel biker boots, Bess studded boots and moccasins, the aforementioned Havaianas.

Finishing touches: SK-II cellumination cream – it’s magical. My engagement ring—I feel incomplete without it.

Nighttime look: Same as what I wear during the day. I might add a red lip – Chanel Rouge Allure in Excessive and possibly heels.

Best recent discovery: SK-II skincare products.

Favorite stores: Overbey & Dunn, Makié, Kinokuniya, Hahn Ah Rheum.

Style pet peeve: I don’t have one. “Mistakes” are a good thing. I think they keep things interesting.

Style icons: My parents. Their style through the decades has always been pretty cool. Right now, I like a mash-up of my mom’s early-90’s glamour (think metallic velvet leopard or Bob Mackie rose gold lace) and my dad’s mid-80’s relaxed weekend wardrobe (oversized chambray shirts, wide wale cords, suede bomber jackets). Their style in the 70’s when they met and married is probably my favorite era for them (so chic), but not something that would inspire the way I dress. 70’s silhouettes are meant for taller, leaner people (like my parents).

Last purchase: Piles of baby clothes from Makié.

Lusting after: A vacation! And the hand-painted burlap ceiling awning from Overbey & Dunn for my baby’s nursery.

Favorite haunts: Anywhere my husband goes—home is where the heart is—and my office/showroom.

Pre-pregnancy Cho: Kevin Sturman