Thanks to Supreme, Hypebeasts Are Running to Buy Newspapers

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Mark your calendars, because August 13, 2018, will henceforth be remembered as the day we officially reached peak #hypebeast. It's all thanks to Supreme's latest collaboration, a somewhat unexpected matchup with the Rupert Murdoch-owned New York Post.

To announce the launch of its Fall 2018 collection, the streetwear brand teamed up with New York's most infamous tabloid for a special edition promotional cover. In lieu of the usual punny headline about various Trump scandals, Monday's front page was decorated with Supreme's iconic red-and-white logo. You know, the blocky design you've seen plastered all over Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin in their loved-up paparazzi shots, or on that incredibly extra paperweight the brand once crafted out of $100 bills.

"We've never done something quite like this," the Post's CEO and publisher Jesse Angelo told The Cut on Monday, referring to the fact that this is the first time the newspaper has ever allowed a single brand to take over both the front and back covers.

Much like when the brand collaborated with Louis Vuitton last year, people are going nuts trying to get their hands on the limited-edition spreads. According to The Cut (and lots of disappointed people on Twitter), people have flocked to bodegas and newsstands across New York for the paper, only to find that they’ve already sold out—despite the fact that the Post reportedly printed more editions of Monday's paper than usual.

Those who were able to pickup the papers while they were still available have taken to eBay and Twitter in an attempt to flip them for cash. The going rate at the moment is averaging around $10, a 1,000 percent markup from the Post's usual $1 price tag. Some consumers are getting more than just monetary profit out of the paper—as Twitter users pointed out, this may be the first time some hypebeasts have ever purchased a physical newspaper.

Supreme shared a video of the paper-printing process to Instagram, which left fans freaking out over the drop. "THAT IS SOME NEXT LEVEL SH*T RIGHT HERE! WANT IT," wrote one user. "I've never wanted a newspaper so badly in my life until now," pined another. Yet another commented, "Great way to involve the youth in the art of picking up a f*cking newspaper and not getting news from memes." Too bad they're already almost all sold out.

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