Taylor Swift Is the Latest Celeb to Shut Down Her App

The Swift Life is shutting down.

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Jo Hale/Redferns

Taylor Swift‘s lifestyle app has come to a Swift end. An announcement was made on the app’s Twitter account that it would be shuttering after operating for more than a year.

Aptly named The Swift Life, the app never took off the way other celeb app offerings have. Coincidentally made by Glu, the same company behind her nemesis’s record-breaking Kim Kardashian: Hollywood app, Swift’s digital venture didn’t really have a cohesive concept. It was really more of a fan site than an actual lifestyle one, with “exclusive” Taylor Swift content, “Taymojis,” and message boards.

It didn’t help that the message boards were problematic. Swift didn’t put much energy into promoting the app, and its chart position began falling, perhaps because of this. Complaints amassed that homophobic things were being said on it. Trump supporters, meanwhile, found it to be a haven.

The Swift Life also brought on a legal headache for Swift, as a company with the name SwiftLife—and the trademark for it—filed a lawsuit against the pop singer, as TMZ reported last July.

None of these reasons were listed, however, in an explanation of why The Swift Life is shutting down. Instead, the move was phrased as part of the end of Swift’s “Reputation era.” “Over a year ago, we launched The Swift Life alongside Taylor’s critically acclaimed, 6th studio album, Reputation,” the statement on Twitter says. “It provided a creative and inclusive place for Taylor and her fans to connect with each other while expressing themselves in a uniquely interactive community. As the Reputation era comes to an end, our time on The Swift Life will be ending too.”

You can still download it now, if you wish, but will not be able to do so beginning February 1. Ironically, Swift’s app peer Kim Kardashian also closed down her lifestyle app. Kardashian made the decision to do so along with the rest of her sisters. In a joint statement, they all said, “We’ve had an incredible experience connecting with all of you through our apps these past few years but have made the difficult decision to no longer continue updating in 2019. We truly hope you’ve enjoyed this journey as much as we have, and we look forward to what’s ahead.” Whatever that holds, it will include a lot less lifestyle apps.