Tammy Fender Will Never Roll Needles Over Your Skin

The Palm Beach facialist prefers healing complexions (including both Melania and Ivanka Trump) in a gentler, more organic way.

Tammy Fender

Tammy Fender’s first beauty memory was more like a premonition—as a preteen, she was scavenging ingredients from the kitchen or her backyard to make face masks. Now, she has a holistic skincare line made entirely of botanical ingredients, as well as a Palm Beach spa where she treats the likes of Melania and Ivanka Trump with her natural regimens. Here, Fender talks holistic healing, beauty hacks, and the power of essential oils.

What’s your first beauty memory? Making homemade masks with my cousins in the kitchen at my aunt’s house, at my house or wherever our sleepovers took us when we were 10 or 12 years old. We’d go to the kitchen and mix together anything and everything we could find, put it into a bowl and slather it onto our faces. Once we even mixed up a batch of wet dirt with red clay from the creek bed. We were trying to act like grown ups, but we were also just kids, experimenting with whatever textures felt good and cooling from the fridge.

What was your worst beauty blunder? About ten years ago, my friend (and my hairdresser at the time) thought it would be a good idea to color the base of my hair, and I was willing to give it a try until I quickly reacted to the ammonia in the formula. Eyes tearing, skin burning, dizzy from the smell, I just couldn’t take it. So I asked her to remove the treatment long before the process was finished and ended up with hair the color of artificial macaroni and cheese.

What beauty products are currently in your purse? Other than a few of my own formulations—a travel-size Roman Chamomile Tonic and my Quintessential Serum—I also carry two Burt’s Bees lip balms, in Smooth and Starry Night shades. Lately I’ve also started carrying a few of my favorite essential oils, like rosemary–putting a drop on my hands every now and again for an instant pick-me-up, clarifying the senses.

What’s your 5-minute morning beauty routine? I am such a minimalist. A quick spritz of Roman Chamomile Tonic or Bulgarian Rose Water and a press of Quintessential Serum. Literally, that’s it these days.

If you had an extra 10-15 minutes in your routine, how would you spend it? I would probably spend it in my garden with my bees. I’m so fascinated by their culture, and the ways in which they communicate.

What’s your beauty hack? The best all-natural pedicure is to walk barefoot on the beach and let the sand polish and soften skin. Tried and true.

Which beauty trend do you just not get? Face needling, which causes trauma and inflammation while supposedly stimulating anti-aging benefits. From a holistic perspective, treating skin with respect and tenderness reflects how we treat ourselves on the deepest levels—emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Face needling might offer some quick fix, but long-term results come from consistent holistic care.

Is there a beauty professional you can’t live without? Helya Burgeon! She is a reflexology master who performs her work in our West Palm Beach holistic center. The healing she conveys through her hands is remarkable.

What’s your beauty peeve? Trying everything while looking for quick fixes, and wearing too much makeup. I think bare skin is beautiful!!

What are you currently obsessed with? Dance and ecstatic dance. For me nothing compares with the power of movement in dance, which is so invigorating. Dance dissolves stress—it’s great for the body, the skin and everything else.

Predicting the Beauty Trends of 2016

You’re going to let your hair blow free!

The Spring 2016 runways showed nary a straight head of hair, as stylists and designers favored letting models’ natural wave fly freely.

…Or You Might Just Shave It Off.

After you get over the initial shock, you will not believe the freedom you’ll feel from shedding all that unnecessary weight. Just try to avoid Marine Corps recruiting offices. And maybe wear more dresses. And some lipstick.

Ditto for the Nail Art

Hey, Monet manicurists? Let’s stick to just one solid shade this season. Hint: Nude is having a moment, say our friends at Tenoverten nail salon. So is Crimson. Something for everybody.

Your Cleanser Will Require a Removal Cloth

Direct from Korea, an unctuously rich cleansing balm with the consistency of Crisco will land on your sink (hence, the required washcloth). Once you feel how soft your skin feels afterwards, you’ll start looking forward to the ritual.

The Emperor’s New Skin Care Step Japanese brand SK-II introduced us to the essence, but it’s the new post-cleansing must-have. It may feel like water, but its magical powers prepare skin to accept that moisturizer more optimally.

Patch Work

By the end of this year, you might have control over the amount of sun exposure you’re getting—or, at least you’ll be made aware. L’Oreal-owned skin and suncare brand LaRoche-Posay is hoping to launch a patch that lets you know how much sun exposure you’re getting, along with times when your skin is most vulnerable. It’s like having your needling grandmother with you at all times!

You’ll Consider Giving Your Grays a Smoky Eye

As the root concealer explosion continues, the notion of aiming spray-paint looking cans or eye shadow brushes on your grays will become completely natural.

Man Out

Banish the chiseled cheekbones. You’ll be striving for teenage-like rosy-not-rudy cheeks long before it’s time to break out the rosé—because contouring is so out.

Photo courtesy @lucia_pieroni.

Red My Lips

When the best makeup artists in the biz (think: Pat McGrath, Aaron De Mey, Diane Kendal) all send a red lip down the runway, you’d be smart to make the statement too. Just think of it as the perfect supplement to joining the ‘Just Not Sorry’ campaign.

Freckles Welcome

What will come of implementing the ever-growing slew of skincare innovations into your routine? All the more reason to show your hard work off with a #humblebrag, especially if you’re #blessed with freckles.

Color, Better In an age where you can have everything, now, makeup that’s just that won’t cut it. You’ll reach for the color from skincare brands like La Prairie, Omorvicza, Eve Lom, Algenist, and Perricone M.D. Not to worry, though, your favorite makeup brands are catching on, too.

Goop Goes Rogue

What do Juice Beauty, Milk Makeup, and Glossier all have in common? They were created by women who took the path less traveled before landing in beauty. Our thoughts? Where have they been?!

One Thousand Points

You will rely on a combination of radiofrequency and a handpiece containing micro-needles to vanquish your deep wrinkles, acne scars and stretch marks. Could cellulite removal be far off?

And speaking of needles…

You will stick your arm out to relieve what ails you. The beauty home delivery app Priv has added Nutridrip to its offerings. A registered nurse will come to you and administer a drip whatever ails you, be it the flu, a hangover or just plain old lethargy.