Rad Hatter

Tasya van Ree collaborates with Stetson.

Tasya van Ree

Tasya van Ree, a painter, poet, film director, and photographer who is exhibiting a series of black and white horse portraits at Los Angeles’s Chateau Marmont next month, garners as much attention for her wardrobe as for her work. In fact, it was her signature look—a laid-back assemblage of androgynous pieces paired with one of the 50 hats she’s amassed over the years—that prompted Stetson to collaborate with her on a design. Available this month on the website for the 150-year-old Western-wear hatmakers, the wide-brimmed felted style comes in bone, steel gray, and black. “I love how masculine it is in size,” says van Ree, who took cues from a vintage favorite in her collection, “but also how feminine it is in its curves.”