And, oh, the comments we got! "Is that green you're wearing?" nearly everyone asked. Personally, I've preferred keeping the green to the toes, but my colleague Jamie has been experimenting with emerald-hued manicures. Her favorite is Butter London's British Racing Green. "It's a deep emerald that's vibrant without being too bright, and it has a glossy sheen that's not glittery," she explains, adding, "I found some of the muddier greens to be a little dull for tastes."

My favorite, meanwhile, is Orbis Non Sufficit by Rescue Beauty Lounge, which I love exactly for that so-called "muddiness" (I would describe it as "muted"). Notes our fashion department colleague Kathy Lee, another fan of the Rescue, "Since it has that gray undertone, it's a good neutral." That is, if green can be considered a neutral.