[#image: /photos/585387b657dfc3b0230f8004]||||||With the Season Three DVD just out, and new episodes airing beginning August 18, the PR machinery behind The Hills is raging. Not a day goes by without our in-boxes being flooded with images of the gals flitting around L.A. And because of what we do for a living, said images are always accompanied by beaucoup details about what the young MTV vixens are wearing.

But we've noticed a disturbing trend of late: Most of these missives feature not the genuinely fashion-y Whitney, nor even the tastefully-pretty-if-a-little-bland Lauren. Nope, it's all about the snoozy Lo and the Playboy-curvy Audrina.

Lo in a teddy bear T-shirt! Lo in a scarf! Audrina in a bikini! Audrina in a bikini! Oh, and for a change of pace, Audrina in a bikini!

Yawn. Until we start seeing Whitney in the subject line, we're officially on auto-delete.