The Most Subtle Candles for Summer

Sure, there are Christmas candles aplenty at Bed, Bath and Beyond, but a lightly scented one can also evoke the beach, the woods or even some exotic destination—perfect for when you can’t make it there yourself.

Illustration by Dan Cotter, 2008.jpg
MCT Graphics via Getty Images

Subtly Scented Candles for Summer

USA – 2008: Dan Cotter color illustration of man with clothespin holding his nose together by woman with perfume bottle body. (The Gazette (Colorado Springs, Colo.)/MCT via Getty Images)

MCT Graphics via Getty Images

Paddywax Olive Tree + Thyme $29,

Context Citrus Basil $40,

Lafco Cabana White Grapefruit $60,

Dylan Sean Murray Photography

Voluspa Casa Pacifica $28,

Forest for the Trees Magnolia $50,

Lite + Cycle Bergamot $78,


Alexa Rodolfo Peony $39,

Maison Margiela Replica Beach Walk $60,

Nest Corsica 4-wick candle $125,

Pinrose Campfire Rebel $45,


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