The New Pope Trailer Is Not Shy About Jude Law’s Speedo Work

Hot Pope summer? We guess.


If you know one thing about HBO’s upcoming The New Pope, it’s probably the paparazzi shots of Jude Law on a beach somewhere walking through a line of woman in nothing but a white speedo that went viral earlier this year. The first teaser-trailer for the upcoming series, a sequel to The Young Pope, will likely add nothing to your understanding of the series, because it’s frankly mostly just a long shot of Jude Law walking in slow motion in that speedo. So much so that it seems less like a trailer for an upcoming prestige television series about the inner workings of the highest levels of the modern Catholic church, and more a commercial for a suntan lotion line called something like “Daddy’s Little Secret.”

In the 2016 series, Law played Pope Pius XIII (né Lenny Belardo), a young American with a hypocritical Conservative streak who becomes Pope. The first ten-episode run ended in maddening ambiguity, but both the title and this teaser seems to suggest that Pius XIII may have gone back to just being Lenny, and a new pope (seemingly John Malkovich’s character) is in town. Or we assume so. Again, this trailer does more to inform us about the exactitudes of Law’s tan line situation than it does about the actual plot.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem that Diane Keaton’s Sister Mary character will be back, but The New Pope will introduce new characters played by the likes of Sharon Stone and the decidedly unholy Marilyn Manson.

The premiere date also remains unclear, but perhaps HBO just wanted you to digest the scene before overloading you with any other information.

In related news, Fleabag‘s “Hot Priest” was just found dead in a ditch.

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