Blake Lively's new spy movie seems to have lost its rhythm. The Hollywood Reporter confirmed this week that The Rhythm Section has suspended production once again, this time indefinitely, due to the hand injury its star sustained while performing a stunt on set in December.

Although production was temporarily halted late last year while Lively underwent surgery and waited for her hand to heal, the procedure reportedly didn't go as planned. Sources told THR that Lively now needs a second surgery, which will require an even longer recuperation period. They added that the spy thriller's crew members have been told to find other work since it could be up to five months before production resumes.

EON Productions, the film's producer and company behind the James Bond franchise, confirmed the shutdown on Monday in a statement to THR. "Hiatus on the production of The Rhythm Section has been extended due to the hand injury Blake Lively sustained while filming an action sequence on the action thriller at the end of last year," they said.

Earlier this month, Reed Morano, who also directed The Handmaid's Tale, spoke to THR about the issue of giving Lively enough time to heal while also sticking to the production schedule. "She's okay. She's just recovering," Morano said. "The problem is that normally, that kind of an injury, you would have four to six weeks of rehab and then you would wear a splint. We have to go into stunts, so it's very complicated." In the weeks since Lively's injury occurred, she's been spotted wearing a cast on her arm both before and after production resumed in mid-January.

Since one source claimed that less than 50 percent of filming has been completed, The Rhythm Section's February 22, 2019, release date is now up in the air; distributor Paramount Pictures has yet to comment on the situation. The film is based on Mark Burnell's first Stephanie Patrick novel, with Lively playing Patrick, a woman who becomes an assassin after the rest of her family dies in a mysterious plane crash. Since the movie began filming in Ireland in November, Lively has been spotted wearing a rainbow of wigs in and around Dublin.

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