Under the Rainbow

The SculptureCenter takes over Rainbow Room for annual gala.

What: The SculptureCenter honored artist Philippe Parreno (and former board chair James L. Bodnar) at its annual gala.

When: Wednesday, November 4th ____

Where: The Rainbow Room in New York. ____

Who: Artists Ugo Rodinone, John Giorno, Carol Bove, and Jennifer Rubell, as well as gallerists Michelle Maccarone, Barbara Gladstone, and Paula Cooper. ____

Why: For the spectacular space and a surprisingly frisky set of obligatory speeches—including one by the dry-witted British artist Liam Gillick, whose girlfriend, the curator Piper Marshall, confessed beforehand that she tried in vain to amend his introduction of Parreno because she thought it would be “too morbid” for the room. In fact, it was just morbid enough.

Photos: Under the Rainbow

Lauren Post, Stephanie Williams, Brendan Fernandes, Catherine Williams, and Zhong-Jing Fang. Photo by

Mary Ceruti, Carol Bove, and Fred Wilson. Photo by

Eleanor Heyman Propp, Stacey Bronfman, and Jemilah Afshar. Photo by

Mika Tajima. Photo by

John Giorno and Ugo Rondinone. Photo by

Kon Trubkovich, Adrian Turner, and Andre Sakhai. Photo by