This Week’s Model: Ann Kenny

Ann Kenny didn't want to wait for a modeling scout to discover her at a local shopping mall. (Says the Mendham, NJ native wryly, "There aren't many scouts in New Jersey!") So when she and...


Did you and Kirby always want to model together? We always talked about it. Kirby was like, “I don’t know about you but eventually I’m going to end up there.” And I was like, “Yeah, well you’re not going to be there without me!” I would never be able to do it, and she would never be able to do it, without one another. We’re best friends.

A much younger Ann (at right) with sister Kirby

Do you guys share clothes? Yeah, we share all our clothes. Because we just figure, we fit into the same things! But we’ve never dressed alike. We’ve never worn the same outfit, even when we were kids.

The shoot you guys did for Interview together had a kind of creepy vibe. Yeah, we kind of wanted to capture that relationship that twins have. It came naturally to us. We shot it at an old mansion in Yonkers. The house had no heat at all, and we were in the Miu Miu spring line. So we were very cold, but it was so fun.

Ann and Kirby Kenny in “Twin Peaks” shot by Mark Segal for Interview’s March 2010 issue

We’ve heard you are, or were, an avid lacrosse player. Do you still play? No. Before I even pursued modeling, I was feeling a disconnect with the sport. If you’re not 100% into it, you start to wonder if it’s meant to be. Since I had another opportunity that I was kind of having more fun with, I kind of decided to leave that chapter behind.

Your first show ever was BCBG. How did it feel to be on a runway? I was nervous for the run-through but after the run through, I wasn’t nervous. It was like being in a school play, you don’t see anything but lights. Now I don’t really get nervous for a show.

From left: Proenza Schouler fall 2010; C’N’C Costume National fall 2010

Even when you open a big show like Proenza Schouler? I do get excited to open. I love to be able to be the first look, like, this is a precursor to what’s going to happen.

You and your sister still live at home with your parents. Do you have a favorite local spot? Yes! My mom, my sister and I went on a nature trail in Peapack, NJ and it had a restaurant at the very top, The Natirar. They cook with mostly local ingredients. The best salmon I’ve ever had in my life!

From left: Christopher Kane fall 2010; Marc Jacobs fall 2010

Do you have a boyfriend? No. I really like being single right now. I just find it liberating to be on my own. I’m embracing that right now.

What about any plans for college? I definitely want to go to college. Once I’m ready for a change again, I’ll know it. I have a pretty good intuition, so I feel like that will guide me there.

Do you think you and your sister will transition out of modeling at the same time? Yeah, we’re pretty much like that.

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