This Week’s Model: Bara Holotova

Being the new girl on the block can be tough. Czech stunner Bara Holotova, 18, knows this well. Although the Pilsen native was signed with IMG in 2007, she spent much of the last two...


Where are you on vacation? I haven’t seen my family in such a long time, so I’m just chilling with them. I’m actually in Prague right now visiting my sister and her boyfriend. We’ve been going to dinner and watching movies. We just saw “The Hangover.” It was so funny, and Bradley Cooper is so cute! I saw him at the CFDA Awards, and I was like “Oh my God!”

You’re planning to relocate to New York soon; what part? I’m looking in the Financial District. It’s so nice down there! Because I’m not from New York, it’s been really hard to get a place. I’m hoping the agency will be able to help.

Are you excited about the move? I love New York; it’s such a cool, crazy city. It’s so different from home. I really like walking around in Central Park and hanging out in SoHo. Plus my best friend [model] Ethan James lives there too.

From left: Prada Fall 2009; Prada Resort 2010.

As an unknown, how did you get the Prada and Miu Miu gigs? I was just doing fittings for Prada a month before the show; I didn’t even know I was going to walk. At the time, I thought it was really a hard job because I had to stand all day like a figurine with all these fabrics and high heels. I didn’t even know if I could do it, but then Miuccia picked me! I was so surprised. When the agency called to tell me, I was like, “You’re joking, right? This is a dream!”

Do you have a relationship with Miuccia now? At the beginning, she didn’t know me, and I didn’t know her. But then I got sick and she said, “Just go home and relax for a few days. We need you in a few weeks [for the show], so just rest.” It was really nice and motherly of her. And then after the Miu Miu show, she found me backstage and told me what a good job I did. She thanked me! That was so great coming from her.

From left: Miu Miu Fall 2009; Zero Maria Cornejo Spring 2009.

How are you preparing for the upcoming season? I’ve just been going to the gym. I’m running and riding the bike all the time. I’m not really a fan of working out, but it’s fun sometimes.

You’ve been singled-out as one of the new girls to watch for spring 2010. How does that feel? Actually, I’m kind of scared because everyone expects a lot from me. You just never know. I’m pretty excited, though. We’ll just have to see what happens.

Photos: Runway: WWD Staff; all others: Claudia Knoepfel and Stefan Indlekofer.