This Week’s Model: Kirby Kenny

Kirby Kenny has us seeing double, and we like it. The 17-year-old model from Mendham, NJ is every bit as alluring and beguiling as her fraternal twin sister Ann (see our recent interview with Ann...


We’ve heard you and Ann used to be avid lacrosse players. Do you guys still play? We don’t really have time but we still have our sticks. If we’re stressed or we need to unwind, we still go out in the backyard to play.

Do you have any pre-game rituals from lacrosse that you’ve used before a fashion show? I’m very into writing down my goals. For lacrosse, I’d write down what I would want to happen in that game. It’s the same thing with modeling. A couple of my goals for Fashion Week this year were to not get competitive with Ann, to walk for Burberry and to be happy no matter what.

From left: Just Cavalli fall 2010; Marc Jacobs fall 2010

Do you think that the industry naturally pushes you and your sister to be competitive? Naturally, yes. But I don’t think it’s intentional.

How do people tell you and Ann apart? We used to have the same hair color so it was hard to tell us apart. People would call us “twin” or “Kenny twin.” They used to not be able to but now that I’m blonde, they definitely can.

Who does your color? Lina at Ion Salon.

Ann and Kirby Kenny in “Twin Peaks” shot by Mark Segal for Interview’s March 2010 issue

The editorial that you and Ann did for Interview was really beautiful. What was it like doing that togther? Well, it’s fun because we can hang out. On set, if someone’s like, “Ann, I love what you’re doing there,” it really helps me. And if I’m ever nervous, I can be like, “Ann, you go first!”

Before you guys got signed, were fashion magazines part of your world? Yes. I would be bored after homework and we would look at magazines. Ann and I made a beauty book of our favorite campaigns and runway shows.

You’re an American in an industry dominated by international faces. What’s that like? I like being an American model—we’re so rare! One thing I’ve noticed is that the parents of American girls are much more protective. At first, it was hard for us to convince our parents to let us model.

Do you have any beauty secrets you can share with us? My hair tends to get frizzy and big, so I wear a beanie hat to bed.

From left: Pringle of Scotland fall 2010; Burberry Prorsum fall 2010

Are you planning to go to college? I definitely want to go to college. I want to do something in film, maybe editing or directing. I want to stay in the New York area and be near my family.

It’s prom season. Any plans for going? Actually, I was never really into the whole school prom thing. But I’m going to my friend’s beach house for an afterparty.

A much younger Kirby

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