Why did you decide to enter the contest?
I knew I had the height, and my mom said that I should try for the experience and free [beauty] samples. We never thought I'd win.

Because of your height, did people often say that you should be a model?
Yeah, I'd been told that -- and that I could be a basketball player.

Tell us about the competition.
It was strange to put myself in the running for a contest with the words "Supermodel of the World" attached, but I forgot about it after a while. It's kind of a blur now, but I mostly remember the long wait in line. Once it got moving, I filled out forms, met with hair and makeup stylists, answered a lot of questions about myself, walked in front of judges in heels, got measured, had photos taken and answered more questions. I had butterflies the whole time. It was very much like auditions for a play or musical, but instead of hoping that my voice would be on -- I've always wanted to be an actor or singer -- I was hoping that I could walk in heels.


How did you feel when you won?
It's hard to describe that moment because I felt like it wasn't really happening to me, but it was awesome. My life hasn't changed much yet -- I'm still babysitting and going to school.

What would you be doing these days if you hadn't won?
I would be focused on singing, going out for school productions and driving more so that I don't have to repeat driver's ed.


What do you do in your spare time?
I babysit every weekend. I also love practicing character impersonations with my brothers.

What did you know about the modeling industry before this all happened?
I only knew what I saw on America's Next Top Model, which scared me on some level because of all of the drama. I look at every ad differently now, and I do know that modeling isn't a reality television show.

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Photos: Courtesy of Ford Models