Tiffany & Company

The house’s annual Blue Book presentation drew a famous crew

Katie Holmes, Jessica Biel, and Kate Bosworth

On Thursday night, Tiffany & Co. took over the Guggenheim Museum for the launch of its 2014 Blue Book, an annual publication that showcases the brand’s latest and most spectacular pieces. The iconic Frank Lloyd Wright structure made the perfect setting for the gems, which were on display on the museum’s main floor, as well as on notable guests, including the actresses Jessica Biel, Kate Bosworth, and Katie Holmes. Adding to the luminescent effect was “The Diamond Sky,” a custom installation by the Leo Kuelbs Collection that projected a jewel-centric video across the museum’s rotunda.

The evening prompted some to reminisce about their introduction to Tiffany & Co. Katie Holmes recalled her first piece (a keychain) while gushing over an upgrade the brand had loaned her for the night (a 27.31 carat sapphire ring with diamonds). Kate Bosworth remembered receiving a simple band from her parents, for her Sweet 16. Jessica Biel, a silver chain ring that she was given at 13. “You know, I think they still make it,” she noted, adding that she wore their diamond bow bracelet to this year’s Oscars.

Perched within the atrium, guests sipped cocktails and ogled the mesmerizing video projection. Young girls took iPhone pics, starlets posed for photos, and Seth Meyers knocked his head back in laughter all night long. Bill Cunningham photographed anyone wearing a hat.

As the evening drew to a close and the crowd dissipated, the focus returned to the Blue Book jewels on display. “Go, pick something out,” a man said to his wife, pointing to the gems. Gliding across the pavilion, she appeared as though she already had.

Photos: Tiffany & Company

Katie Holmes, Jessica Biel, and Kate Bosworth. Photo by Joe Schildhorn /

Constance Jablonski. Photo by Leandro Justen/

Ginta Lapina and Fei Fei Sun. Photo by Joe Schildhorn /

Max Snow and Vanessa Traina. Photo by Leandro Justen/

Jessica Joffe. Photo by Joe Schildhorn /

Hilary Rhoda and Sean Avery. Photo by Joe Schildhorn /

Michelle Ochs and Carlie Cushnie. Photo by Joe Schildhorn /

Erin Beatty, Mickey Sumner, Misha Nonoo, and Daphne Javitch. Photo by Joe Schildhorn /

Valentina Zelyaeva. Photo by Leandro Justen/

Nora Zehetner. Photo by Joe Schildhorn /

Alexi Ashe and Seth Meyers. Photo by Leandro Justen/