Get Lei’d

At a new downtown hot spot.

Hailey Clauson

What: A kitschy Hawaiian-themed party in celebration of new pop up bar TikiTabu and One Model founder Scott Lipps’s birthday.

When: Thursday, July 30th

Where: TikiTabu, located at the top of the SIXTY Lower East Side in New York.

Who: Lipps was joined by photographer Ben Watts, actor Zach Braff and models Hailey Clauson, Kenza Fourati, Bruna del Bortoli.

Why: Because New York is in the midst of a heat wave, and Hawaii is a long flight away.

Photos: Get Lei’d

Erin Cullison and Scott Lipps. Photo by

Hailey Clauson. Photo by

Ben Watts. Photo by

Rocky Barnes and Kenza Fourati. Photo by

TikiTabu at SIXTY Lower East Side. Photo by

Celia Becker and Bruna Del Bortoli. Photo by

Anastasia Leung Lo Hing. Photo by

Roberto Sipos: “When is Valentine’s Day?”

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