Timothée Chalamet Was Totally Starstruck by Emma Watson on the Set of ‘Little Women’

Chalamet stopped by ‘The Late Show with Seth Meyers.’


Everytime Timothée Chalamet sits down for an interview on a late night talk show, it feels like something of an event. Thursday was no different, when Chalamet descended on Seth Meyers’ Late Night, to promote his new medieval war saga The King.

Chalamet is always a little awkward when he‘s put on display and forced to make conversation, which is part of what makes watching these usually formulaic exchanges such a delight. Take for example, the moment when Meyers asked Chalamet about the bowl cut he had to sport for his portrayal of King Henry V.

When Meyers asked Chalamet if he’s happy that his hair has since grown out, Chalamet revealed that even genetically gifted movie stars have to remind themselves not to be self-conscious sometimes. “You know the big lesson is nobody cares,” he said. “You know that’s the big lesson of life. For things like hair or personality, no one cares.” Chalamet of course, did care, which is why he amassed “an extraordinary hat collection” while he wasn’t shooting.

When talk turned to Chalamet’s upcoming role in Greta Gerwig’s Little Women, the 23-year-old thesp sort of admitted that his lovably awkward persona isn’t just on-camera shtick. In the film, Chalamet co-stars alongside Emma Watson, who he watched in the Harry Potter movies growing up. And while Chalamet is just about as famous as it gets himself, that didn’t stop him from being totally starstruck in Watson’s presence, so much so that he joked about needing “lots of therapy” just to get through the shoot. Never change, Timothée.

Watch Timothée Chalamet’s full interview on Late Night with Seth Meyers below.

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