The White Shirt Project

Rethinking the fashion staple for a good cause.

TOME White Shirt Project

A white shirt can be worn many ways, as Yasmin Sewell (buttoned-up), China Chow (layered), Jessica Hart (tucked in) and Andrej Pejic (un-tucked) demonstrated on Tuesday evening at the launch of TOME’s White Shirt Project. Inspired by the versatility of this fashion staple, designers Ryan Lobo and Ramon Martin came up with a crisp, collarless style in collaboration the Freedom For All Foundation, a non-for-profit organization started by Katie Ford that works towards ending slavery and human trafficking around the world. The shirt is for “every woman,” the designers, who have three collections (Spring 2014, Fall 2014, and Resort 2015) under their respective belts, explained. “The project was born of our desire to do something more than just send more clothing out into the world.” It’s a simple step, but in the right direction.

TOME Freedom For All cotton shirt, $440, Proceeds from each sale will be donated to Freedom For All.

Photos: The White Shirt Project

Courtesy of the brand.

Courtesy of the brand.

Courtesy of the brand.