The Chefs Cooking Thanksgiving Dinner for Rihanna and Marc Jacobs

Meet the people who do it for them.


It’s no surprise that behind every celebrity is a celebrity chef. How else does one drink fresh-squeezed juice around the clock and adhere to strict portion control? Here, meet three personal chefs at the top of the food chain, including Rihanna’s and Kanye’s.

Chef Debbie Solomon

Handle: @chefdebbiesolomon

Client: Rihanna

Chef Lauren Gerrie

Handle: @laurengerrie

Client(s): Marc Jacobs

Chef Frank Miller

Handle: @cheffrankmiller

Clients: Mary J. Blige, Halle Berry, Jim Carrey

Chef Aleem

Handle: @chef_aleem

Client: 2 Chainz, Kanye West, Big Sean