Trainwreck TV: Real Housewives Return, to our Joy

We love our reality television, but that doesn't mean we aren't picky, picky, picky about what we deem worthy of our precious few remaining brain cells. And now that we've had a moment to scrape...


When we left off with the ladies at the conclusion of last season, their burgeoning notoriety was already beginning to sow the seeds of mayhem. But now that they’ve have had an itty bitty taste of fame, any remaining shred of decorum has gone AWOL. For instance: At the end of a charity bash she hosts at her home in the Hamptons over the summer, Jill grabs the mic and tells the crowd to make sure they use the 50 percent off gift certificates for her husband’s store that are tucked in the goody bags. “Buy fabric! Buy fabric! Buy fabric!” she screams. And at this same party, self-appointed manners maven LuAnn (aka “the Countess”) can’t resist helpfully telling some crazy-looking tranny/crasher that s/he has lipstick on his/her teeth.

Apart from what looks like a quasi-genuine friendship between Jill and Bethenny, it’s pretty clear these broads–all Olympic-level social climbers–can’t stand each other. Given the mounting jealousy, one has to question the smarts of adding Kelly Bensimon to the mix. Leggier than LuAnn and connected in a way the other gals can only dream about, the former model might want to consider adding a bulletproof vest to her new spring wardrobe. Meow.