Vanity Fairest

Lovely and all done up in leather, the season’s most stunning beauty cases are the stars of the show.


In an age when Ziploc bags double as our TSA-mandated cosmetics totes and recycled cardboard is considered chic, it’s nice to see that some people still remember the meaning of old-fashioned luxury.

Annick Goutal’s Les Orientalistes Coffret, $750,

Venerable British firm Smythson is behind fall’s most exotic beauty indulgence: a fuchsia crocodile-embossed leather satchel made expressly for transporting lip gloss and other girly products around the globe. The roomy travel bag comes equipped with a large mirror and countless nooks for brushes and bottles. Slightly more demure but no less luxe is French perfumer Annick Goutal’s creamy leather box, which displays three of the house’s heady new fragrances as though they were precious gems. For women who like to wear both scents and jewelry, a satin-lined drawer underneath the gilded flacons has plenty of room for baubles.