Deirdre Jordan and Bob Robinson, the husband and wife duo behind Chicago-based couture furniture store Troscan are, at long last, making a selection of pret-a-porter items available with their new line Room406. Though thankfully pret-a-porter doesn’t mean Jordan and Robinson (who is a master woodworker and luther) have lost site of Troscan’s handmade ethos. Large furniture pieces feature intricate bronze smithing, hand-lacquered woods, and intricate leatherwork, and the unique accessories include hand-thrown porcelain, handspun twill blankets, and one-of-a-kind artifacts from Jordan’s world travels.

And in case you’re not sure how you would display pieces from Jordan’s ever-growing collection of antique sword hilts and axe heads in your place, the new showroom makes it easy to imagine thanks to a welcoming apartment-like layout and homey feel…down to the couple’s three dachshunds running around.