When Troy premiered in the summer of 2004, there seemed to be a lot of hype surrounding the blockbuster cast (Brad Pitt as Achilles, Diane Kruger as Helen, Eric Bana as Hector, The Prince of Troy). Expectations were high. However, the sword and sandals epic became the John Carter of its summer season. Its American earnings, did not even cover the cost to make the movie (sets were built from scratch on the island of Malta). While this film is no masterpiece, it’s undeniably entertaining. The climax fight between Hector and Achilles (Both Brad Pitt and Eric Bana’s bodies look like they are on steroids—in a good way!) is pornography for girls. The costumes on the female characters, with their intricate golden wreaths, flowing togas, and lace up leather sandals are surprisingly covetable. And the classic story of an epic battle between two ancient kingdoms while not true to the story it is based on (The Iliad) will provide amusement on a rainy day.

Photo: © Warner Brothers/ courtesy of Everett Collection