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In this hyper-ambitious town, plenty of businesses are launched on a single great idea. Katie Campbell has two. Her pretty little Mott Street shop, True Boutique, not only caters to a wide range of sizes—from 00 to 16—it also offers presto-chango onsite tailoring. "I got tired of buying clothes and then having to take them somewhere else for alterations," says Campbell. "I wanted to wear them immediately." An LA transplant and Emmy-nominated producer, Campbell had a major television career in play before heading east and shifting gears to retail. But her avid shopping over the years has paid off, honing her instincts for clothes that look great on a variety of body types. For True, she's scored exclusives with Cloak and Dagger and Dallin Chase up to 16, and also stocks four denim brands (Beija Flor, C.Enne V, James and Jordache) in larger sizes. Not that Campbell is neglecting the skinny glamazons replenishing their wardrobes from Nolita's tiny boites. "It almost slipped my mind," she says. "But then I remembered: Gotta get those 38-inch inseams."

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True Boutique
278 Mott Street
New York, NY 10012