Courtesy of Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs has designed shoes for Vans before, but this time around he's getting a little bit of help from his artistic friends.

The designer teamed up with several artists from the U.S. and Japan to put their psychedelic spin on pairs of the brand's iconic canvas slip-on shoes, and the result is one of the coolest collaborations of the year. Though, not everything produced will be for sale. Only the pair designed by Jacobs will be available for purchase, in stores in Japan and New York City on Friday (June 16), and fewer than 200 pairs will be available in total, according to a press release from the designer. For those who can't make it to either city on such short notice, there will be an online giveaway to win a pair, but those interested should probably be prepared to go head to head with thousands of other entrants in the sweepstakes. If you do somehow manage to get your hands on a pair, they'll come with a set of Marc Jacobs x Sharpie pens so you can further customize the shoes at the in-store pop-up.

The Vans that will be available to purchase feature black line drawings across the shoe. Jacobs also designed another pair, this one with squiggly, abstract red and black doodles covering the shoes. Both designs are simple compared to some of the other, more 3-D-element-heavy designs. The pair by New York artist Milk, a RuPaul's Drag Race alum and a former Jacobs campaign model, for example, comprise hundreds of straight pins stuck into the canvas shoes, creating a potentially hazardous walking situation. Like a few of the pairs, they're not only nearly impossible to get your hands on, but would be nearly impossible to get your feet in as well.

Marc Jacobs.jpg

Art by Marc Jacobs

Courtesy of Marc Jacobs


Art by Milk

Courtesy of Marc Jacobs

Ava Nirui.jpg

Art by Ava Nirui

Courtesy of Marc Jacobs

For her pair, model Jazzelle Zanaughtti started with Jacobs' design and hand-embroidered brightly colored designs, including an open mouth and an eye with dripping blue eyelashes, on the top of the shoe. She also attached several tangled, rainbow-colored pieces of thread to the rubber sole of the Vans. Julie Verhoeven, a fashion illustrator and designer, created a whimsical pair of painted slip-ons that look like monsters for your feet, with large white teeth painted around the rubber bottom, bright splotches of color, and a menacing giant red eye.

Jazzelle Zanaughtti.jpg

Art by Jazzelle Zanaughtti

Courtesy of Marc Jacobs

Jin Soon Choi.jpg

Art by Jin Soon Choi

Courtesy of Marc Jacobs

Julie Verhoeven.jpg

Art by Julie Verhoeven

Courtesy of Marc Jacobs

Sarah Tanno.jpg

Art by Sarah Tanno

Courtesy of Marc Jacobs

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