Blast from the Past

Vashtie Kola celebrated her birthday with a 1992-themed bash.

Va$htie Kola

What: Vashtie Kola’s Dumb Late Birthday party, in celebration of her second Puma collection, hosted by Moet and Chandon Nectar Imperial Rose.

When: Thursday, July 23rd.

Where: Guests gathered at Tao Downtown for drinks and dancing, before heading to the after party at Webster Hall.

Who: Vashtie was joined by Redman, Ne-Yo, Maxwell, and more.

Why: Although Vashtie’s actual birthday was in April, her late celebration has become a rowdy tradition. Happy birthday!

Photos: Blast from the Past

Va$htie Kola. Photo by

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Dee Jackson. Photo by

Alex Chapman, Will Davis, Zhazha B, and Matthew Morton. Photo by

Kevin Green and Albie Hueston. Photo by

Kat Pichardo, Sam Cefera, Mr. Mikey, and Ricky Jackson. Photo by

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