Venom‘s Second Full-Length Trailer Released

The movie comes out October 5.

Sony Pictures

After the first Venom trailer accidentally revealed just how horny certain segments of America are for a jacked, goo-covered, parasite-mind-controlled Tom Hardy, you’d think Sony would be a little more…demure about how much Venom booty they show in future trailers. Apparently not. The second full-length trailer for Venom dropped on Tuesday, and it’s pretty much three minutes and 14 seconds straight of Venom showing us what that prehensile tongue can do.

Of course, there’s just a tiny bit of “backstory” we have to get through first. The trailer begins with Hardy walking purposefully down a dimly lit corridor as his voiceover provides some exposition: His name is Eddie Brock, and he’s a reporter. “I always seem to find myself questioning something the government may not be looking at,” he says, as the trailer cuts tellingly to a clip of Riz Ahmed doing his best darned Elon Musk impression while he gazes at a large tube of snaking, sewage-colored muscle. Eddie continues: “I found something really bad.” Meanwhile, we get a quick montage of him running away from extremely unethical-looking science experiments, only to find the Venom voice cooing his name back at his apartment. He concludes, “…and I have been taken.” Cue the black sclera contacts lenses and the klaxon-backed Sony logo.

The rest of the trailer, as promised, is basically clip after clip of Venom strutting his symbiotic stuff. We get an extended version of the tongue scene (you know the one), Venom tearing bad guys apart, Venom tearing himself apart, Venom pondering the nature of free will and autonomy, and Venom calling some dude a turd (nice one) before chomping his head off, all while the camera lingers uncomfortably on his shapeshifting xenomorphic musculature.

Venom comes out October 5. Watch the full trailer, below.

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