Victoria Beckham Just Trademarked Her Daughter’s Name

She’s only 5 years old.

Arnaldo Magnani/Getty Images

Little Harper Beckham is only 5 years old, and she’s already sat in the front row at New York Fashion Week (several times, for that matter), designed{: rel=nofollow} her own clothing, and inspired an entire Target collection. With such an impressive resume before even entering kindergarten, it’s only a matter of time before Harper is leaving her own permanent mark on the fashion world. Now, little Harper is one step closer to cementing her status as a fashion business player: Her mother, Victoria Beckham, just registered Harper’s name as a trademark in Europe, including Britain (at least while it’s start part of Europe).

The registered trademark covers Harper if she wants to become a designer or an entertainer—or both, like her mom. According to The Sun{: rel=nofollow}, the trademark will allow Harper to lend her name to any branded products, such as toys, makeup, and clothes. Also, the trademark is registered for use in the entertainment industry, meaning no one else unrelated to Harper can call themselves by the same name in the television, film, or music industries.

Receiving your own trademark is a rite of passage for the Beckham clan: David Beckham registered his name in 2000, according to The Sun, and Victoria followed suit in 2002. Their sons Brooklyn, 18, Romeo, 14, and Cruz, 12, have their own trademarks, as well.

Lawyer George Sevier told the BBC{: rel=nofollow} that the family trademarks were a smart move on the Beckham children’s behalf. “It is much easier to get a trademark registration when the application is made before the personality becomes famous,” he said. “And having a trademark registration makes it much easier to stop other people from using the name without permission…that’s a sensible move.”

Could this mean a Harper Beckham clothing line is on its way? Maybe one day. We might have to wait for the littlest scion to grow up a bit more before she takes full advantage of her trademark.

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