Victoria’s Secret Model Devon Windsor Is Engaged: See the Lavish Proposal

Imagine what the wedding will be like.

devon windsor proposal
Cindy Ord/Getty Images

As a five-year veteran of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, model Devon Windsor is used to her share of over-the-top ensembles and productions—from bras with black feathered wings to a barely-there panty set with an enormous technicolor pinwheel{: rel=nofollow} attached. So it should come as no surprise that when Windsor became engaged over the weekend, her boyfriend, Johnny Dex, planned a next-level proposal that looks like it was ripped straight from the pages of a fantasy world—complete with a private plane, a private beach, and a massive diamond ring.

The VS model revealed the spectacular details on her Instagram account over the weekend. Dex concocted an elaborate ruse that involved Windsor thinking she was flying to a remote location in the Bahamas for a photo shoot, she revealed on her Instagram. However, when the plane flew over the tiny private beach, what Windsor saw was not a photo shoot—but the words “MARRY ME” spelled out in the sand.

“When you think you’re flying into a photoshoot and then you look down and see this,” Windsor wrote on social media, alongside an image that hardly looks real it’s so picturesque.

Dex was waiting for her there on one knee with an impressive oval-cut diamond ring. Completing the picture-perfect proposal was Windsor’s all-white, semi-sheer ensemble that made her look every bit the bride-to-be.

Windsor’s sister Alexandra shared a close-up image of the blinding ring to social media. The oval-cut diamond set on a delicate band appears to be several carats.

Of course, if the proposal was so extra, we can’t help but think what the actual wedding will be like.

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