Vivienne Westwood: “To Me, Hillary’s Evil”

The fashion designer Vivienne Westwood doesn’t like Trump at all, but she doesn’t like Hillary Clinton much either.

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It might seem that the entire fashion world is behind Hillary Clinton. Ralph Lauren is designing her suits. Marc Jacobs, Public School, and Tory Burch have designed limited edition t-shirts for her. Vogue‘s Anna Wintour even threw an entire runway show-cum-fundraiser for her.

Dame Vivienne Westwood is not on that list. The British fashion designer and punk rock icon sat down with British CNBC for an interview that is set to air tomorrow, but excerpts have already leaked in the UK press. Turns out Westwood is not a Hillary Fan. Obviously, though, she’s not a Trump fan either.

“To me, Hillary’s evil, and I think she’s a warmonger,” Westwood said. “I don’t expect the world to change with Hillary Clinton. I’m not pro-Trump.”

Apparently, she’d be a Jill Stein fan. Though she doesn’t appear to actually be aware of the specific Green Party candidate.

“(I) would not vote for either of them,” she continued. “If there’s a Green person I would vote for the Green person.”

In case you wondering. She likes President Barack Obama about as much as she like his wife’s wardrobe. Which is to say, not a lot.

“I wouldn’t even pick Barack Obama over them, either.”

Such contrarian politics shouldn’t come as a surprise when the subject of the queen of punk fashion is at hand. Her political views often directly fuel what she presents on the runway. Her Red Label Autumn/Winter 2015 runway show was themed around voting for the Green party and for voting for Scottish independence after all. She often champions the environment, peace and civil rights. She’s also recently taken to making her rap debut to hammer home her politics.

Though, for years Westwood was somewhat of a supporter of the Labour party, England’s closest analogue to the American Democratic party. In 2007, however, she announced she’d switch her allegiance to the British Conservative Party, England’s counterpart to the Republicans. That seemed to be something of a lark according to British Vogue. “They’re not going to get what they bargained for,” she said of her support for the party. By 2015 she announced she now identifies with the Green Party and cemented the relationship with a £300,000 donation. Though, Green youth activists were skeptical of her company’s tendency to keep money offshores, she’s remained loyal.

In case you’re wondering, she wasn’t a supporter of “Brexit” either.

Westwood’s criticism of Clinton’s tendency to favorably view US military intervention isn’t novel, even among the American progressives who have come to support Clinton less Trump take the White House. As someone who doesn’t actually have to vote in the election, it’s not surprising Westwood is sticking to her guns. She was also merely explaining her own take, not necessarily encouraging others.

At the very least, she’s not supporting a protest vote for Trump, which separates her from the face of company’s recently Spring/Summer advertising campaign, Colby Keller. Vivienne Westwood chose the American porn star as an unlikely ad star in part because of their shared political beliefs. Though the outspoken adult actor recently caused controversy that he was voting Trump because he would be a “destabilizing force” who will, assumedly, quickly bring about some sort of systematic collapse and bring about a revolution.

Anyway, learn more about how you can register to vote here. Deadlines in many states have already passed or are fast approaching.

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