How to Launch Your Own Beauty Line

Volition is a new online incubator for your dream products.


For all the armchair lipstick makers out there, Volition, a recently launched online beauty platform, allows its community to not only vote on which new products are launched, but to invent their ideal under-eye concealer or body scrub, too.

The brainchild of Brandy Hoffman and Patricia Santos, a former venture capitalist, Volition encourages its members—who are also its customers—to pitch their own beauty products. If no such product already exists, then members will vote on whether it should. “Suggested products need to gain full community support first,” explains Santos. “By involving the consumer in the very first stages, they are nearly 200 times more likely to purchase than the average online beauty consumer. And by only making products that consumers want, we hope to eliminate failed product launches.”

Sometimes, a good product has already been invented but simply hasn’t found the right home. “It could be a distribution issue or just not an easy fit for a retailer’s calendar,” explains Hoffman. That’s where she and Santos come in. These sourced products must also be member approved. “Of course, the number of votes varies depending on how niche the product is,” explains Santos. “Sometimes we’re talking only 500 to 1,000 units, but the fact that we can produce such a small amount is great. We never have to skimp on ingredients or efficacy.”

The best part, aside from exclusive first rights to a product? Your name is listed as an innovator on the inside flap of the box. Start ideating now, people.