What to Stream on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and More Now That Game of Thrones Is Over

Use the long weekend to catch up on these shows before the summer rolls around.

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Memorial Day Weekend is commonly regarded as the unofficial start of summer, and there are a couple options as to how you can go about spending it. You could go on a weekend getaway, and spend your time outside on a beach or at a barbecue for a couple of days. You could also just stay inside and catch up on all of the television you’ve missed in recent weeks before the summer gets started.

Think about it: Everyone is coming down from their Game of Thrones high and summer television is about to kick off again in June, with the return of everything else there was to care about before the HBO hit show’s final season (Big Little Lies and Younger, for example) and the premieres of future obsessions (Euphoria comes to mind). If you want to be a part of the cultural conversation, you have to catch up on what everyone else has been talking about in the interim between spring finales and summer shows. So, with that being said, here are all of the relatively new shows you should watch before the weekend is over.


If you have not already watched the first season of Fleabag, where have you been? Phoebe Waller-Bridge‘s tragicomedy about a grieving woman who uses all of the wrong things (and people) to cope just released it’s second season in the U.S. (it was already available to viewers in the U.K.) and it’s only six half-hour episodes, so it is very tempting to gobble it up in one sitting. Watch season two if you want to finally understand why everyone online keeps talking about a “hot priest.”

Where to stream it: Amazon Prime


Whether or not you read Joseph Heller’s satirical novel in high school, you can still watch and follow along with the miniseries inspired by it, which follows a World War II army bombardier (played by Christopher Abbott) and his fellow servicemen. Come for George Clooney‘s mustache, stay for the parade of soldiers?

Where to stream it: Hulu


Unfortunately, it’s a rarity to see the nuanced, layered lives of millennial Muslim Americans depicted on screen. Based on the life of its creator and star, Ramy Youssef, Ramy is groundbreaking in the fact that it portrays the life of a New Jersey born Egyptian-American as he seeks to grapple with religion, assimilation, and dating with humor and respect. The series is a quick binge with only one season, but season two has been confirmed, so catch up now while you can.

Where to stream it: Hulu

Dead to Me

It’s been too long since Christina Applegate led a dark comedy series on television (never forget Samantha Who?), so it’s a delight to see her return to the small screen in Dead to Me. The show’s about a widow who meets another mysterious widow (played by Linda Cardellini) at a support group and the pair become fast friends.

Where to stream it: Netflix

Killing Eve

When everyone is talking about what happens to Eve and Villanelle—and, just as importantly, what they’re wearing when it all goes down—you’ll want to be in the loop, so you have until Sunday night to catch up on Killing Eve before the season two finale airs.

Where to stream it: BBC America or AMC


Now that Game of Thrones is over, it’s time we make space for another high stakes power struggle on our screens: Succession. Over the course of this eight-episode slow burn, there is a big pay-off at the end, but it did not get the massive amount of audience attention it deserved last year. Season two of the critically acclaimed series about the scheming children of a New York City media magnate returns in August, so study up now because you’re going to want to sound like you know what you’re talking about when Succession is the word on everyone’s lips come fall.

Where to stream it: HBO GO

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