Following the election of Donald Trump as President on Wednesday, those who voted for Hillary Clinton reacted to the devastating blow in a variety of ways. Some immediately took to social media or donated to organizations like Planned Parenthood online, while others marched in the streets of New York City and Berkeley, California. Female creatives gathered to share ideas and express themselves visually, and many visited museums, galleries, and theaters to escape into the art world for a few hours or simply put on their headphones to tune out.

This weekend, as you decompress and regroup to face another challenging week ahead in Trump's America, here are 30 movies and TV shows to watch for a good cry, a loud laugh, a fantastical escape, and the motivation to move forward.

For a Good, Long Cry:
Brokeback Mountain
A Better Life
The Color Purple

For a Laugh So You Don't Cry:
Talladega Nights
In the Loop
"Fresh Off the Boat"

To Believe In Democracy:
Do the Right Thing
The American President
"The West Wing"

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For a Strong Female Lead
Thelma and Louise
Hunger Games
Dear White People
"The Good Wife"
The Iron Lady

To Escape
Harry Potter
National Lampoon’s European Vacation
A Bigger Splash
Mad Max: Fury Road

To Get Motivated
Malcolm X
The 13th
An Inconvenient Truth

To Savor Every Last Minute of the Obamas
Southside With You