[#image: /photos/58538915c7188f9b26c92cc7]||||||Whisked into Roseland Ballroom and rushed through beer-swilling gaggles, our team found ourselves with nary a second to collect ourselves on the wooden benches before the William Rast spring show on Sunday night.

Behind us, buckets of bottled beer chilled, as did actor Anthony Edwards (of Top Gun and ER fame—he's also the real-life hubby of makeup goddess Jeanine Lobell). Random, yes, but it made for interesting small talk and a little southern hospitality for the throngs of editors and excited JT fans. Murmurs of a Justin after-show performance even buzzed through the rows.

Next, all eyes were glued to the screen that showed the brand's new ad campaign video—a Bonnie and Clyde go to Tennessee makeout tale (the shoot for which was rumoured to be the cause of Erin Wasson's broken leg). The lights cut and a giant shackled house was revealed, complete with a deer head above the door. And then the real show—the one with the clothes—was about to begin. (Read the WWD review here)

Photos by Pasha Antonov