Who Is Chantel Jeffries, The Weeknd's New Friend?

The Coachella relationship rumor mill has already caused quite a stir amongst its performers and attendees, especially when it comes to a mysterious brunette named Chantel Jeffries.

It has become increasingly difficult to keep up with the Coachella relationship drama that unfolded during the festival's first weekend, so just to recap—Bella Hadid, Abel Tesfaye (who performs under his stage name, The Weeknd), Chantel Jeffries, and Justin Bieber were all at Coachella from April 13 to April 15. Tesfaye headlined the festival and performed a few songs from his EP My Dear Melancholy, which contained lyrics rumored to be inspired by his two ex-girlfriends, Bella Hadid and Selena Gomez (former girlfriend of Bieber), who was not present at Coachella. Tesfaye was spotted kissing a girl who many assumed to be his ex-girlfriend Hadid, but she was definitely not making out with him, despite claims that she had been spotted with Tesfaye at a party during the festival.

It turns out, the raven-haired mystery woman spotted linking arms with Tesfaye was Chantel Jeffries, a 24-year-old DJ and friend of Bieber (she was with Bieber in the car during his DUI arrest in 2014, but the pair insist they are just friends). It was reported that Tesfaye and Jeffries are reportedly "casually dating." Though their relationship was initially categorized as "nothing crazy serious," according to reports from Us Weekly, a source told Daily Mail that the pair are "just friends." Regardless of whether she and Tesfaye are dating or not, Jeffries has officially become a character in this revolving cast involved in the 2018 Coachella relationship drama, and figuring out who she is and why she is suddenly linked to The Weeknd is definitely a case worth cracking.

Jeffries has modeled for L'Oréal and for Khloé Kardashian's Good American denim line, but she can also tack "musician" on on to her resume. Jeffries spun the turntables for a couple parties at Coachella under the moniker Ceejay the DJ (it's in her Instagram bio, sandwiched between some CD-ROM emojis, just in case you couldn't tell she's a DJ from all of the recording-studio and turntable content she posts in between selfies) and spun for the Vanity Fair Oscars party earlier this year.

Not only is Jeffries a model turned DJ, she is also a certified YouTube vlogger. Her page is full of travel vlogs documenting her trips around the world and "story time" videos with titles like "I GOT EVERYTHING STOLEN IN BALI" and "I GOT PLASTIC SURGERY (MY EXPERIENCE),", which chronicles her experience of undergoing surgery for a breast reduction and lift. There's even a handy-dandy vlog Jeffries posted on November 3, 2017, titled "EVERYTHING YOU'VE BEEN WANTING TO KNOW," and indeed she does share nearly everything you may have been wanting to know about her in a 17-minute long direct address to her audience.

A few tidbits from the vlog: Jeffries considers herself to be disorganized, a self-proclaimed "cat lady," and a light sleeper, and she moved around a lot while growing up because her father was in the military. She also tells viewers that "I really like makeup, but also like not wearing makeup," and that she was a mathlete in school and went to college at Florida International University before studying acting (and snagging a small role in a relatively unknown 2016 romantic comedy starring Terrence J and Cassie titled The Perfect Match). In other words, Ceejay the DJ contains multitudes.

She also once DJed a press event for Good American at Nordstrom, and posted a 13-minute long online shopping haul video explaining where she buys all of her clothes.

Still, one question remains to be answered—how did Ceejay the DJ meet Abel Tesfaye? According to her Instagram, she's been buddies for a while with Diplo, who has produced some of The Weeknd's Starboy album. Jeffries and Tesfaye run in similar circles, so it would make sense that they would find their way to each oother via their music industry connections, whether they are dating or not.

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