Turns out the connection runs deep. As true Gossip Girl enthusiasts may already know, two of Phillips's paintings are fixtures on the show's hallowed set: Scout (1999), hangs above Chuck's bed, while Spectrum (1998) adorns the painstakingly curated Van Der Woodsen abode. The artist himself even appeared in a cameo. (Yvonne Force and Doreen Remen's Art Production Fund brokered the deal.)

[#image: /photos/58538f606666b2eb4762dc40]||||||From left: Spectrum (1998), and Scout (1999).

Now we've learned that Phillips and Westwick have actually developed something of an artistic bond. The 21-year-old actor and the 46-year-old painter, along with Westwick's artist pal Todd DiCiurcio, have begun work on a secret multimedia collaboration, with Westwick and DiCiurcio supplying sounds and Phillips stepping in for creative direction. According to DiCiurcio's wife, Megan (who works on the PR side for Dolce & Gabbana and hesitated to tell us much more) the title of their work will be Places To See.

This project strikes us as having potential for something a bit more intriguing than Westwick's Brit-rock ensemble, The Filthy Youth. Stay tuned.


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Photos: Phillips opening: Ryan James MacFarland. Gossip Girl stills: The CW Network/