A Motley Crew

Art-rock band the Yes Way’s debut album.


The atmospheric sound of the Brooklyn art-rock band the Yes Way is a harmonious, intricate marvel, but the group is a compilation of odd parts: (from left) Guitarist-violinist Nick Burleigh comes from a classical-music background; lead singer Aaron Mendelsohn from the indie band Xylos; bassist Ian Mellencamp, a nephew of John Cougar Mellencamp, hails from the glossy pages of fashion magazines—he was recently the face of CK One; keyboardist Josh Rouah from the Broadway play Wicked; and drummer Jesse Bilotta from his parents’ basement in New Hampshire. It’s a strange roster, but one that works, considering that the soon-to-be-released debut LP showcases a range of styles. In fact, the record’s eclectic playlist brings to mind those releases by veteran artists culling through back catalogs. As Rouah explains, “We were thinking of calling the first album Greatest Hits.”

Photo: Andreas Joseph