‘You’ Drops Season Two Trailer: Penn Badgley Glowers in LA

“Love has taken me to pretty dark places, but Los Angeles has got to be as dark as it gets.”


You, the deliciously unhinged Lifetime-turned-Netflix series starring Penn Badgely as a well-read (and rather judgemental and pretentious) stalker, Joe, has finally dropped a longer teaser trailer for its second season. They released a quick sneak peek back in November, but now we get a real preview. The action has shifted to LA, and Joe–clichéd lit bro New Yorker that he is–really, really hates it.

“You know, love has taken me to pretty dark places,” he narrates. “But Los Angeles has got to be as dark as it gets.”

The one-minute clip features Joe’s narration throughout, introducing viewers to his new life in LA. He fled to California after–spoiler alert–killing his girlfriend, the improbably named Guinevere Beck, in an even more improbable silent cage for rare books. We eagerly await the reveal of where Joe will do his murdering in season two. He’ll also probably murder some particularly irritating California literary references. We anticipate a Joan Didion bumper sticker. Joe doesn’t seem fun enough for Eve Babitz.

The clip features Joe rolling his eyes in disgust at willfully happy Los Angeles selfie-takers in a coffee shop, his face dripping with disdain for a man enjoying the simple pleasures of a fresh muffin.

“Your followers see an image and imagine you’re on top of the world,” he says. “What they don’t see is the effort you’re putting into this fantasy. You’re hiding behind this facade, but why?”

Joe would have been really popular at like, Wesleyan in 2011.

But the final moments of the trailer feature a big reveal: Joe, murder-y murderer that he is, is living in Los Angeles under a fake name: Will. As he says, “everybody in LA is pretending to be somebody they’re not.” Like New York is such a paragon of authenticity! Beck lived in the West Village, Joe. Go find your people in Echo Park and relax!

But he definitely won’t. Which will make for great tv! You season two hits Netflix on December 26th. Watch the trailer, below.