Friends of Friends

Young supporters of ACRIA toast 2015.

Peter Som, Mary Alice Stephenson, and Rafe Totengco

What: A cocktail party hosted by the Young Friends of ACRIA, an organization which supports HIV research, education, and prevention.

When: Wednesday, January 21st

Where: The Gordon Bar at Sixty SoHo Hotel in Manhattan.

Who: Designers Peter Som and Amy Smilovic, DJ May Kwok, Art Production Fund director Casey Fremont Crowe, and more turned up for the organization’s first bash of the new year.

Why: Good friends getting together for a good cause? What more could you want.

Photos: Friends of Friends

Peter Som, Mary Alice Stephenson, and Rafe Totengco. Photo by

May Kwok. Photo by

Amy Smilovic and Anya Ziourova. Photo by

Bethanie Brady, Zoe Buckman, and Casey Fremont Crowe. Photo by

Indre Rockefeller. Photo by

Di Mondo and Polina Proshkina. Photo by

Dana Lorenz. Photo by