Zendaya and All Those Other Cool Teens Make Their Dolce & Gabbana Ad Debut

A quick guide to all the cool teens, celebrity scions and barely legal influencers in Dolce & Gabbana’s Spring campaign.


The front row at Dolce & Gabbana’s Spring 2017 show in Milan looked more like the world’s chicest after-prom party. The design duo packed the seats with a collection of the world’s foremost cool teens and celebrity scions. The clique then spent the week running (or in some cases, segwaying) across the Italian city to the notice of an occasionally bemused fashion industry and the adoration of their combined millions in online followers.

A selection of the pack was then shepherded off to Capri to shoot the campaign for the fashion show they had just watched. In true millennial style, Dolce & Gabbana has rolled out the images on their Instagram.

If you happen to be under the age of, say 26, you not only know who each of these people are already, but likely have strong opinions about them as well. If for some reason you don’t, here’s your quick cheat sheet to D&G’s new teen beat.


Age: 20

Known For: A Career as an Actress, Singer, and Dancer

Instagram Followers: 36.6 million

The only person in the campaign with a traditional show business career, Zendaya first rose to fame thanks to her starring role on Disney Channel’s Shake It Up. Though, her serious style has helped to garner the attention of the fashion industry at large. She’s already appeared on the cover of W, after all. She’s set to make her first foray into non-tween-targeted media with a major role in Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Thylane Blondeau

Age: 15

Known For: Modeling

Instagram Followers: 756,000

Though she’s the younger in the crew, Blondeau is the modeling vet. She first walked the runway for Jean Paul Gaultier at just 4-years-old and caused controversy be appearing on a French magazine cover seemingly dressed up a little too adult at the age of 10. Undeterred by criticism, she’s continued to keep up her modeling endeavors. Though a glamour girl on set, she once told W that her school uniform consists of “black ripped jeans with simple t-shirt and sneakers.”

Sonia Ben Ammar

Age: 17

Known For: Having Once Dated Brooklyn Beckham

Famous Parent: Movie Producer Tarak Ben Ammar

Instagram Followers: 249,000

Ben Ammar first came to wider note through dating the son of Posh and Becks, but she had already worked as an agency-signed model and occasional actress in her native France beforehand. Her father, Tarak, is a prolific producer in France with credit including Hannibal Rising and Femme Fatale.

Cameron Dallas

Age: 22

Known For: Making Vines

Instagram Followers: 17.2 million.

One of the original breakout stars of Vine, Dallas has turned that micro-fame into multiple fashion campaigns (he’s previously worked for Calvin Klein Jeans) and a Netflix reality show. Don’t worry. He’s still in touch with his social media roots despite the fact Vine is dead. His most recent YouTube video is entitled “How man cheeseballs can I fit in my mouth?”

Brandon Thomas Lee

Age: 20

Known For: Having Famous Parents

Famous Parents: Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee

Instagram Followers: 46,300

While fashion didn’t fully embrace Pamela Anderson until later in life (she’s now a front row regular in her own right), her sons didn’t have to wait as evidenced by Brandon’s inclusion in the campaign. He also has a younger brother, Dylan.

Presley Gerber

Age: 17

Known For: Same as Lee

Famous Parent: Cindy Crawford

Instagram Followers: 183,000

You would have never seen Pamela Anderson and Cindy Crawford in the same shoot during their heydays in the ’90s, but it’s nice to see their sons getting along. Gerber has followed his mother (and his sister) into the family business of modeling. Though, he says his hidden talent is actually fixing things. “I can fix stuff pretty good, kinda like everything.”

Rafferty Law

Age: 20

Known For: Same as Gerber

Famous Parents: Jude Law and Sadie Frost

Instagram Followers: 21,400

The young law has actually been modeling for a while now, first appearing in a DKNY show back in 2014. He’s since been joined in the modeling industry by his sister, Iris.

Gabriel Kane

Age: 21

Known For: Same as Law

Famous Parent: Daniel Day-Lewis

Instagram Followers: 50,700

Kane has been modeling for a few years now, but really consider music his true passions. “Songwriting has helped me get through some turmoil and the harder parts of my life,” he told W once.

Luka Sabbat

Age: 19

Known For: Modeling

Instagram Followers: 305,000

Sabbat got his start in modeling after getting street cast in a Hood By Air shoot. He soon found himself working other shoots, and was introduced to Kanye West by Virgil Abloh. He’s also since amassed a large Instagram following as one of the platform’s premiere cool teens.