Zendaya Coleman Drapes Herself in Velvet

It’s socially acceptable to wear a velvet onesie when it’s of your own design.

In between careers as a Disney Channel star, pop singer, and all-around teen icon, Zendaya Coleman, 20, still manages to fit in another side hustle as the designer of her eponymous Daya By Zendaya collection. The actress, who is also a noted star of the red carpet, has been known to take more than a few fashion risks, usually with high reward. (The girl can rock a crop top and matching pants like no one else.) She tends to buck trends, but in her latest outing, in one of her own designs for an appearance on Good Morning America, she tries out two together: the choker, a trend we’re hoping will see its last days with the close of 2016, and velvet, a texture we hope will never, ever die. When it comes to her own label, Zendaya is still her own best model.

Zendaya Coleman in Daya By Zendaya outside *Good Morning America* in New York, New York, December 2016.

GC Images/Getty Images

Who: Zendaya Coleman.

When: Tuesday, December 20.

Where: Outside a taping of Good Morning America in New York, New York.

What: An army green — or is it brass? — velour jumpsuit from her Daya By Zendaya collection with stiletto mules, a choker, and a topknot.

Why: Equal parts mid-’00s Juicy Couture and Seinfeld punchline, Zendaya goes all-in on brass-colored velvet in a onesie from her own Daya By Zendaya collection. Oversized and equipped with multiple utilitarian pockets, it’s like an engineer’s suit, except you could never show up on the job in velvet. Put differently, it’s the Juicy ensemble your mom wouldn’t let you get, so you got one of those terrycloth hoodies instead. It’s not entirely clear whether anyone else could pull of this look, but if you’re Zendaya, and you designed it yourself, it’s definitely socially acceptable. Her number-one rule seems to be one we could all stand to embrace: just own it.

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