For most of us, Sunday night is a challenge. It is, regretfully, the last night of the weekend, and one that presents the impossible choice between Game of Thrones and Twin Peaks: The Return (and, more recently, Life of Kylie), which are followed immediately by Insecure. And this weekend, the Teen Choice Awards also contended for Sunday night attention—where, amid it all, the actress and musician Zendaya had the best Sunday night of us all, and she did it wearing pajamas.

Zendaya, who skipped last year’s Teen Choice Awards but attended back in 2015 in a ruffled top by Ashi Studio and a black pencil skirt with shoes from her own label, rolled up this year in a sequined pajama set from Ashish’s menswear line, showing the whole gender thing is pretty arbitrary, anyways. She paired the blue, white, and yellow pinstriped ensemble with gold sandals and a curly blowout that offered ’70s disco diva vibes—but, you know, chill, because pajamas.

It’s worth noting this is not Zendaya’s first lounge-inspired look of late—last week, she arrived at Variety’s Power of Young Hollywood party in a pajama set by Vivetta covered in ombre pink and red sequins. The best way to upgrade a chill pajama look, apparently, is just sparkles, because when isn’t that the solution?

But she wasn’t finished there. No, the Spider-Man: Homecoming star had to continue to dominate Sunday, August 13, a seemingly arbitrary Sunday among Sundays. The 20-year-old also starred in the new Bruno Mars video, “Versace on the Floor,” in which she does not wear pajamas, but she does wear sequins, while Mars wears a lot of Versace. The video premiered at the same time as the Teen Choice Awards, where Zendaya was named Choice Breakout Star and Mars earned the 2017 Visionary prize.

Certainly, nobody on Game of Thrones had a better weekend, except maybe Daenerys and her dragons.

Zendaya's favorite birthday featured a very surprising homecoming: