Zimmermann’s Girls Go to Los Angeles

To celebrate the brand’s new boutique.

Simone Zimmermann and Nicky Zimmermann

Following a rowdy Montauk bash with Solange Knowles earlier this month, Zimmermann’s co-founders Nicky and Simone Zimmermann took a more demure approach to the opening of their new Los Angeles store, an expansive and meticulous Melrose Place aerie. Famous fans like Miranda Kerr, Chanel Iman, Ashley Benson, and Minka Kelly came for cocktails and an al fresco dinner held in the back of the store, which is nestled on a recently revamped stretch of the street that houses Irene Neuwirth, Isabel Marant and The Row, among others. “It’s the epitome of what I love. It feels very sophisticated but relaxed, and it houses what we do well,” said Nicky. As for the coterie of cool girls flocking to the brand, she acknowledged that it’s a mutual attraction.. “They’ve all got their own natural style and are strong in their personality of what they like. When you get the chance to actually meet them, they’re just great girls,” Nicky said.

Though still new to the brand, actress January Jones admitted she’s drawn to the line’s dramatic shapes and colors. “With the Emmy’s coming up, I want to do something avant-garde,” she said.

Photos: Zimmermann’s Girls Go to Los Angeles

Simone Zimmermann and Nicky Zimmermann. Photo by Getty Images.

Miranda Kerr. Photo by Getty Images.

January Jones. Photo by Getty Images.

Chanel Iman. Photo by Getty Images.

Ashley Benson and Jamie Schneider. Photo by Getty Images.

Minka Kelly. Photo by Getty Images.

Caitlin Fitzgerald. Photo by Getty Images.

Caroline Vreeland. Photo by Getty Images.

Ben Feldman. Photo by Getty Images.