In the penultimate episode of the recent HBO miniseries Big Little Lies, Bonnie Carlson, played by Zoë Kravitz, and her husband Nathan host a dinner for Nathan’s ex-wife Madeline Martha Mackenzie (Reese Witherspoon) and her husband Ed (Adam Scott). The goal, ostensibly, is to reach a détente, allowing Nathan and Madeline to co-parent their daughter Abigail without so many accusations and so much jealousy levied back and forth.

But the dinner also proves an opportunity for Nathan and Bonnie to show off their hosting chops—the spread is immaculate, the wine is plentiful, even the crockery is perfectly rustic. (Madeline, high on Xanax, somewhat mockingly compliments the whole thing, feigning awe at the number of utensils and the pottery wine glasses—“they’re from Mexico,” Bonnie tells her, unable to resist pronouncing it “Mehico” and prompting an eye-roll from her guest.)

It turns out, like her character, Kravitz herself is also an ace hostess—albeit a more self-aware one, as she revealed in a new interview with Allure. She and boyfriend Karl Glusman, also an actor (most recently spotted in Tom Ford’s Nocturnal Animals, and slated for appearance in the upcoming Naomi Watts series Gypsy), have set up a “great” home theater system where they’ve been screening greats of the late-20th-century for their friends. Recent titles included classics like Fight Club (Kravitz on Helena Bonham Carter: “Come on, she’s amazing.”) and the tough Cassavetes film Opening Night. (Kravitz’s review: “It’s very long. It’s exhausting. But Gena Rowlands is just phenomenal.”)

Kravitz reveals her eye for dense and complicated female leads like the characters played by Rowlands and Bonham Carter in Opening Night and Fight Club; she also cites Susan Sarandon and Marisa Tomei among her screen idols. (Previously, she’s also listed such ’90s classics as Reality Bites and Natural Born Killers on her best-of list.)

Dinner is also included—she cited a very Bonnie-esque spread of kale, quinoa, lentils, and butternut squash. (“She’s not vegetarian, but sometimes her guests are, so why not?” wrote David Denicolo.)

“It’s a fun activity when it’s so cold outside and nobody wants to go anywhere,” she said, adding that she was trying to make this a weekly occasion. Kravitz’s inner circle is an enviable one—she regularly Instagrams herself with Ilana Glazer, Frank Ocean, Adwoa Aboah, and Riley Keough, and she’s also a key member of Alexander Wang’s #WangSquad.

So while she didn’t elaborate on who, exactly, is among the attendees of this new film series, we’re just imagining Alexander Wang, Anna Ewers, Alice Glass, Vince Staples, and Hanne Gaby Odiele gathering at Kravitz’s New York home to watch True Romance while surrounded by a lush spread of superfoods, snow falling soundlessly outside.

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