Soon, Trekkies Across the Globe Can Dress Like Zoe Saldana

Burberry, meet cyborg chic.

Zoe Saldana in Burberry at a *Star Trek Beyond* press conference in Beijing, China, August 2016.

VCG via Getty Images

This summer, everyone has departed from the traditional fashion calendar, whether collapsing men’s and women’s runways, showing off season, or implementing a see-now, buy-now strategy. Leading the charge is Burberry’s Christopher Bailey, who unveiled a preview of his new see-now, buy-now September collection, which will hit stores the same day it shows, September 19. But for a select few, it seems to already be a reality: Lady Jean Campbell stars in the new campaign alongside model Alex Dragulele and bassist Cavan McCarthy, while Zoe Saldana wore a geometric patterned jacquard velvet dress from the collection for a recent Star Trek Beyond press conference, really embracing that Star Trek retro futurism. Ladies and gentlemen, the new Burberry is here.

Who: Zoe Saldana.

When: Thursday, August 18.

Where: A press conference for Star Trek Beyond in Beijing, China.

What: A velvet midi dress by Burberry from the September collection with blackened gold earrings and diamond rings by Jared Lehr.

Why: What does Burberry look like in the future? Zoe Saldana might have the answer. In metallic bronze velvet, she’s nailed the cyborg chic look. This fall’s hottest trends could come straight off the decks of the starship Enterprise. The burnout pattern looks a whole lot like an abstract artist’s idea of a circuit board, which is maybe just a bit too on-the-nose for a big science fiction premiere, but after all, the original Star Trek was always just a little kitschy. Sleek long sleeves and a mock neck contrast with decadent earrings and an elegant updo to round out Saldana’s Beijing look. It’s a grand coincidence that the Star Trek Beyond press tour comes nearly exactly a month before Burberry is slated to debut its full September collection, allowing Saldana the opportunity to waltz down the red carpet in what must be one of the collection’s most on-theme designs. It all makes us wonder: Is Christopher Bailey a closet Trekkie?

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