Let Rihanna, Anne Hathaway, and Kylie Jenner Convince You to Get Bangs

Anne Hathaway is seen on September 14, 2022
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The weather is slowly dropping, which means you’ve probably been wearing more pants and layers on top in order to protect yourself from the slight breeze that has started to enter the atmosphere. But what about your forehead? How is one supposed to protect that from the declining temps? Yes, the obvious answer is a hat, but a more permanent solution, one that has been adopted by many celebrities as of late, is a fresh new cut. Yup, we’re talking bangs.

Every day it seems like a new star is rocking the hairstyle, meaning every day, I’m forced to consider the look, and convince myself that it’s probably not for me. It’s getting harder, though, as more and more celebs step out after getting the chop. The first person to recently embrace the hairstyle was probably Rihanna, who popped up with bangs at the beginning of the month. They seem to be permanent, as two weeks have passed and the fringe is still there, constantly skimming the tops of her designer shades.

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The next star to convincingly pull of the style was Anne Hathaway, though for her, bangs are less of a risk, considering we already knew she looked great in them as Andy Sachs in The Devil Wears Prada. In fact, the trim seemed to make Hathaway a bit nostalgic for the role, and she dressed up in what can only be described as Andy Sachs cosplay when debuting her new hair at the Michael Kors show on Wednesday. The actress wore a look that Andy (and likely Nigel) would have no doubt approved of, and we can’t help but wonder if she was wearing the Chanel boots (OK, she was in heels, but the question remains).

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Emily Ratajkowski also used Fashion Week to debut her bangs, giving us a sneak peak at the Tory Burch show before going full-on fringe for an event at the Union Square Barnes & Noble to promote her book, My Body. For the newly-single model, the cut could have been a post-breakup move, but it also worked in making her look extra professional for her bookish event.

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And while three makes a trend, four solidifies it. So, when Kylie Jenner stepped out in Calabasas with newly cut bangs on Wednesday, it became clear that this was something we could no longer ignore. With Jenner, though, you can never know for sure and it could be a wig or a clip in, and tomorrow we could be faced with a bare forehead. Considering she was rocking side bangs last month, though, going full frontal doesn’t seem like an outrageous step. Either way, it has now become clear that bangs are officially back in a big way, and it seems like they may just be the hairstyle of the fall. They’re a big commitment, yes, but these four women prove they work with an array of face shapes and aesthetics, from streetwear to office wear. And worst case, hair will always grow back.