The Best New Launches From BIPOC-Owned Beauty Brands

Products from BIPOC beauty brands.
Collage by Ashley Peña

Just like there’s always time to find new beauty products to integrate into your skin and makeup routine, it’s important to make time to support all kinds of communities in the beauty space. With so many Black, Indigenous, and POC beauty entrepreneurs releasing new launches monthly, there’s no reason not to dip into a new product or two. (And there is never not a good excuse for finding an exceptional mask or healing overnight hair oil.) Below, we’ve highlighted some of the finest new beauty launches from our favorite BIPOC-owned brands, all of which we have deemed exceptional and absolutely worth your money.

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Intelligent glow-on-the-go formulation, all in one product. This limited-edition face/eye bronzer and highlighter palette has all you need for buildable, sheer bronzing; contouring, and applying shimmer to all areas of the face. The texture is creamy yet light, and uses mango and papaya extracts to give added glow to the complexion.

A beautifully crafted sleep turban for lazy days in bed or overnight haircare. Unlike other protective headwrap brands lined in satin, this sleep turban is lined with 100 percent mulberry silk, for more luxurious hair protection. The silk also helps reduce any overnight frizz, reduces damage and friction, and conditions the hair while you sleep. It’s silky and comfortable and won’t come off at night thanks to its adjustable elastic strap.

Pharrell Williams’s cult favorite sustainable company Humanrace recently released a decadent-yet-light and super hydrating body cream, which infuses a blend of Bakuchiol (helping to firm and tighten the skin), as well as plant peptides to smooth and protect the skin barriers. Snow mushroom extract is also added to the formulation to lock in the skin’s moisture. Like many other Humanrace products, the body cream utilizes a refill system, which requires customers to refill their products instead of replacing them—thus, significantly reducing single-use plastics and packaging waste.

Honoring her South Asian ancestors’ time-honored ayurvedic traditions, AAVRANI founder Rooshy Roy’s new oil cleanser is worth purchasing due to its eleven-ingredient formulation, which removes makeup effortlessly while still keeping the skin’s natural PH balance intact. The composition uses the power of steam-distilled sandalwood oil to draw out impurities with camellia flowers and aloe layered in to give the skin a healthy glow.

From Rithvi—a brand name derived from the Sanskrit word for earth, prithvi—comes a beautifully scented and luxurious hair treatment. Created by founder Meerika Khanna, the newly launched hibiscus oil is a multipurpose product for the hair, face, and body. For centuries, the Indian tradition of shiro-abhyanga, (a hair and scalp massage followed by ayurvedic hair oil application before sleep) has strengthened and reinvigorated the hair. Hibiscus oil features antioxidants and alpha hydroxy acids which help exfoliate the scalp and stimulate hair growth. Leave this in overnight and shampoo it out in the morning for best results.

Renowned dermatologist Dr. Rose Ingleton’s latest skin innovation is a fresh new gel cleanser incorporating the antioxidant powers of Jamaican super fruits to cleanse the skin and keep the dermal layers glowing. The composition also utilizes hyaluronic acid and vitamin B5 to keep skin hydrated and ward off excess oils. It’s a clean and refreshing product that will help invigorate skin, especially with humid temperatures on the horizon.

Desiree Verdejo’s cult-favorite skincare brand has launched an advanced new mask to clean and brighten skin dramatically. Two prominent acids—mandelic and glycolic—work together to exfoliate and clean out the pores, while still leaving your skin’s PH balance intact so there is no feeling of dryness. There’s also a robust dose of niacinamide and bearberry to brighten the skin’s complexion, as well as salicylic acid and sea buckthorn oil to minimize any future breakouts.

One of nature’s most prized ingredients for skin is rice bran oil. Used all over the world for centuries, rice bran oil helps skin maintain its beautiful luster, hydration, and brightness. The J-beauty brand Dam Dam launched last month a rice bran oil serum that is light; non-comedogenic; and, with consistent use, will help protect skin against inflammation and environmental damage.

Vitamin C has earned its rightful place in everyone’s skincare regimen these days. Now, it’s all about finding the most effective formulations that work well on your skin type. Elaine Sir, the founder of Seoulfull Skin, has created an effective vitamin C composition using three distinctly robust forms of the vitamin: ascorbic ccid, magnesium ascorbyl phosphate, and tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate. This powerful trio blends nature and science to provide the multilayered benefits of tightening, brightening, boosting collagen, and inhibiting melanin properties and oxidative stress. The vegan, cruelty-free, paraben-, phthalate-, and sulfate-free serum is to be worn both day and night, under moisturizer and makeup.

Former runway model Natacha Paugam created Ustawi skincare after years of struggling with her skin. Deeply inspired by her frequent trips to Africa, the Angolan-Congolese Miss Congo started using the natural recipes she grew up with to treat her skin concerns. The brand’s first ever multifunctional clay mask absorbs impurities, detoxifies the skin, and hydrates all in one. The unique combination of red and white clay has three key ingredients to work its magic. Linoleic acid reduces excess sebum production and removes impurities as well as potential pollution particles to fight against skin inflammation. Myrtle leaf detoxifies the skin with natural elements, while the infused vitamin C brightens skin overall.